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Prism utilizes highly advanced power quality meters to perform load studies and to detect other problems within the electrical system. A load study is a numerical analysis of the flow of electrical power in an interconnected system. A power-flow study usually uses simplified notations and focuses on various aspects of AC power parameters, such as voltages, voltage angles, real power and reactive power. It analyzes the power systems in normal steady-state operation.

Load studies are important for planning future expansion of power systems as well as in determining the best operation of existing systems. The principal information obtained from the load study is the magnitude and phase angle of the voltage at each bus, and the real and reactive power flowing in each line.

With the increase in nonlinear loads (VFDs, high efficiency heat pumps, electronic power supplies, etc.) and the reduction in excess distribution capacity, harmonic distortion is an increasingly common power quality issue. Most PQ equipment today can measure harmonics, but without a good understanding of what harmonics are, the numbers are not very helpful. Harmonic distortion is a broad, complex power quality issue with significant economic impacts for electric utilities and end users. Distorted current waveforms from end-user loads create excessive heating for utility transformers and capacitor banks, leading to premature equipment failures.

Our power monitors will record the following:

  • Voltage and current waveforms
  • Measures and monitors harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads
  • Captures voltage dips and swells caused by load switching and faulty equipment
  • Power in Watts for each phase and total
  • Reactive Power in VARs for each phase and total
  • Apparent Power in VAs for each phase and total
  • Power Factor for each phase and average

At Prism Professional Services Group our technicians take pride in our complex problem-solving abilities. We develop this expertise through an institutionalized approach of theory and hands-on applications along with the best power monitors and equipment on the market.

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