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Prism offers the most technologically advanced and cost-effective control panels available. Our focus is to partner with our customers to understand their operational challenges and provide better control panels that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Prism operates independently as a control panel provider to many industries. As our company continues to grow, we maintain our commitment to providing customers with industry-leading controls panels that move their processes forward.


UL508A is the UL standard for the construction of Industrial Control Panels. This standard gives guidelines to panel builders on various issues including proper component selection, wiring methods and calculation of short circuit current ratings. If a customer follows UL508A’s construction requirements and recommendations, they can apply to have their panel listed by UL. Upon successful inspection, the panel would bear the UL label. Prism is committed to electrical safety and to providing our customers with UL listed products and solutions.

Industrial Control Panels

Prism operates a UL-508A industrial control panel shop capable of manufacturing various types of industrial control panels. Prism designs and builds custom Programmable Logic Controllers, Remote Input Output, Gateways, Photohelic, Combination Motor Starters, HOA Operator Panels, Variable Frequency Drives, Solenoid Valve Panels to Lighting Contactors and more. Prism is dedicated to meticulous attention to detail when designing and building our industrial control panels.

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