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Low voltage circuit breakers come in all shapes and sizes, from your standard 15 amp thermal magnetic you would find on your home’s electrical panel, to the 4000 amp electronic programmable substation breakers you would see in an industrial facility. Low voltage circuit breakers should be tested routinely as part of a preventative maintenance program every 3 to 5 years. It is imperative to know that this line of defense is going to protect your equipment under a fault or overload condition. Circuit breakers that don't operate when they need to can lead to equipment damage, widespread shutdown of power distribution, and even fire.

Prism technicians are trained to follow NETA testing standards to ensure your circuit breakers are tested correctly. We use several testing methods such as contact resistance, insulation resistance, and primary injection to check the serviceability of your circuit breakers. Prism will generate a full report for each breaker and deliver these results electronically with clear pass/fail indications.

When it comes to electronic trip units, Prism can not only perform the necessary testing but we can also program or implement breaker settings as necessary. Before a circuit breaker shows up to your job site it can be tested and fully programmed ready for installation.

Primary Injection

Primary Injection is the most reliable way to test a circuit breaker for proper functionality. Primary injection forces a calculated amount of current through circuit breaker poles to make the current sensor activate. This process simulates a real life condition the circuit breaker would be exposed to under a fault or overload. When used in combination with insulating testing and contact resistance measurements Prism can verify the entire protection chain in a circuit breaker.

Electrical Testing Services

Prism offers a wide variety of electrical testing services from circuit breaker testing, infrared thermography, partial discharge detection, gas/air leak detection, power monitoring, digital low resistance measurements, and ground resistance measurements as well as electrical QA/QC and commissioning services.

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