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Western Proppants SCADA Hardware and Software Solution

January 24, 2024

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Western Proppants SCADA Hardware and Software Solution

The Prism SI team was contacted by Deitzler Construction to offer a solution at their Frac Sand Mine and Processing Facility Western Proppants.


The current architecture consists of 3 PLC’s. We designed and quoted a full SCADA implementation using OnLogic hardware and Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform. This platform will allow the control, monitoring, alarm and historizing of the complete site on one common platform. Another benefit that we offered with this platform is allowing the complete auditing of user changes into the system. This will allow the managers to determine changes made to the system that would cause production quality issues. The Hardware consists of an Industrial Server with Windows Server 2019. The client workstations are industrial box PC’s running Ubuntu OS. With design and programming and ready to ship within 30 days.

The controls from the existing system were upgraded to provide enhanced functionality and overall better process awareness. The HMI functionality provided satisfactory control and feedback of the process but did not provide any situational awareness to the operator as to the performance of the system.


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Moving from the old controls to SCADA allows for a quicker overview of the complete process including alarm, reporting, machine feedback, device faceplates and a dashboard for a quick overview of running devices and their performance. Ignition SCADA enhanced performance by including the IO server, Historian, Alarming, and OPC in one centralized package reducing cost for the customer and creating a simpler deployment.

In the future the customer shared that they are looking to integrate heater controls, railcar filling and IP cameras into their system to allow the operators to focus more on the product they are developing instead of spending time ensuring motors are running and belts are turning. In turn the customer will be able to run a lean process and focus on enlarging their operation in Yoder Wyoming.

By: Angela Sendik