Complete control system services for your facility

System Integration

Control system integration is where we are able to apply our experience and critical thinking to help the project team stay successful. At the end of a project, there is no one to cast blame if the team works together throughout the process and executes at a high level. When involved in an integrated project delivery strategy, we are able to help expedite the project schedule and commissioning process by moving from study to design to procurement to construction to startup to closeout without wind-down and spin-up time between phases for multiple vendors. Project flow is increased as design representation is present in the field and unforeseens can be addressed sooner than later. We have been coordinating with clients, contractors, vendors and engineers for decades across many diverse industries and systems to provide control strategies that best fit the owner's needs.

Key Services

  • Instrument procurement
  • UL 508a Industrial Control Panels
  • Panel and field terminations
  • Loop checks
  • Controller programming (PLC, DDC, DCS, VFD)
  • SCADA programming
  • Functional testing
  • Startup support
  • Engineering and operator training
  • Familiarity with multiple systems and industries
    (Cleanrooms, HVAC, waste water, oil & gas, waste treatment, TGM, BCD, BAS, etc.)
  • Familiarity with numerous vendors

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