Helping to analyze more than just power

Power Quality

Power quality and uptime are critical to your business' operations. Variations, dips, drops, harmonics, overloading and wear can lead to lost productivity and equipment damage. Prism's Power Quality group is equipped with the latest tools, techniques and knowledge to collect and analyze your power system. Our reports can include detailed system architecture, sizes, settings, capacities and loading as well as all supporting data and code articles. Any deficiency will be accompanied with a suggestions for repair, compliance, or adjustments. Transition the final report to our professional engineering group to create a complete set of construction documents to harden your facility's power system.

Key Services

  • Arc flash studies
  • Site electrical system and code analysis
  • Thermal imaging
  • Power monitoring (harmonics, power quality, outage studies)
  • Fault analysis
  • Coordination studies (TCC)

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